Cloud Quest by Play NGo

Cloud Quest

Cloud Quest is a new 5 X 5 grid video slot game released by Play NGo on March 10, 2016, where the sky is the limit. Connect 3 or more matching symbols along any diagonal, horizontal, or vertical line anywhere to win. When winning combinations are counted, the winning combinations will clear, and new symbols will fall into place from the top, giving you new chances to win even more with a single spin.

Cloud Quest Theme & Symbols

Cloud Quest has a medieval fantasy superhero theme, with Castles, Shields, Dragons, Potions, Magic Scepters, and of course, Heroes. The Wild Symbol is a Golden Shield that substitutes for any other symbol to form winning combinations. In a winning 3-symbol combination, the Golden Shield Wild Symbol will always replace the middle symbol, to give you better chances to create more winning combinations when the symbols drop.

Cloud Quest Bonus Features

Before each spin, a row in the 5 X 5 grid will be designated as the BONUS row. By clearing all 5 symbols in the BONUS row, a bonus round triggers. By clearing all 25 symbols during the bonus round, you are honored by the kingdom with a special cash reward.

Free Spins with Enemy Dragons Feature

Clearing all 5 Symbols in the designated BONUS row will trigger a bonus round, where you are randomly awarded 5 to 20 Free Spins. The Free Spins are played on a 3 Reel and Single Payline Slot Machine. During the bonus round, you must defeat the Enemy Dragon on each of the 5 different stages.

In order to defeat each Enemy Dragon and move to the next level, you will have to get a certain number of winning combinations. The number varies on each level. Alternatively, if you create a winning combination of 3 Bonus Marks, you instantly defeat the Enemy Dragon. Defeating an Enemy Dragon wins you 3 additional Bonus Spins and advances you to the next level, where you will face a new Enemy Dragon.

Winning combinations increase payouts for each achieved level with increased multipliers. Defeating the 5th and final Enemy Dragon awards you with a Special 100X Multiplier. For every Bonus Spin you do not use to defeat the final Enemy Dragon, you are also awarded with a 2X Multiplier on your total bet.

Super Power Symbol Wheel Feature

A Super Power Symbol triggers activation of sections of the Super Power Wheel, which are illuminated. The wheel awards you with a chance to win Free Re-spins with 1 of 4 Super Powers to increase your wins. During the Re-spin, the bet is the same as the triggering spin, and the BONUS row is deactivated.

The more Super Power Symbols appearing in the combination that activates the Super Power Wheel, the more sections on the wheel will be illuminated.

  • 3 Super Power Symbols: Illuminates 1 Section
  • 4 Super Power Symbols: Illuminates 2 Sections
  • 5 Super Power Symbols: Illuminates 3 Sections

A pointer will appear and spin clockwise around the outer ring of the wheel, and if the pointer stops on an illuminated section, you will be granted a Free Re-spin. The applicable Super Power of your Free Re-spin is indicated by the icon that appears in the center of the Super Power Wheel.

Cloud Quest 4 Super Powers Feature

Five of Fortune: Winning Combinations have 5X Multipliers

Emblem of Endurance: 2 Enduring Wilds will fall into place on different positions of the grid. They remain in position on the grid, unless you create a winning combination made up of all wilds.

Mark of Multitude: Extra Wilds are generated by winning combinations.

  • 3 Matching Symbols: Middle Symbol Becomes Wild
  • 4 Matching Symbols: 2 Middle Symbols Become Wild
  • 5 Matching Symbols: 3 Alternating Symbols Become Wild

Scatter of Success: All symbols can act as Scatter Symbols to generate more wins. The maximum payout for any Scatter Win is equal to a 5 Matching Symbol winning combination in the main game. During this feature, a maximum of 3 sections of the Super Power Wheel can be activated by Scattered Super Power Symbols. On the initial drop, Wild Symbols can appear, but no additional Wilds will appear in subsequent drops.

Experience Points (XP) Feature

In Cloud Quest slot game for every Enemy Dragon you defeat, you collect Experience Points.

The theoretical Return To Player (RTP) is 96.52%.

Unfinished Games Feature

If your game becomes disrupted, all information and bets will be stored until you re-open the game, where you will continue from the point of interruption. This stored information, including wins, becomes void after 90 days and is forfeited to charity.

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