Witchs Brew Video Slot Review

Witchs Brew

Be prepared to be creeped out if you intend to venture into playing Witchs Brew. RTG have developed yet another astonishingly great slot game, with signature superb graphics. The music makes for a delightfully haunting touch and some of the many different sound effects will make you giggle, while others could make you jump in your chair.

The game offers a dauntingly thrilling experience and you also get to see what a witch’s kitchen looks like! This slot creates a unique atmosphere and provides a number of various features to keep you spinning those reels.

Double, double toil and trouble…

The Witchs Brew slot has a 5-reel layout and offers 25 paylines, which you may modify to fit your preferences. The symbols in this game are certainly very unique and might make you want to spend time just studying them.

You will see depictions of toads, candles, cauldrons, warlocks, black cats and jar full of eyeballs. In case you were wondering what in fact goes into a proper magic potion. The wilds in this slot are the witch and the dragon fang, whereas goblin blood is the scatter symbol.

Aside from the eerie feel this game owes to its graphics, there is also a pleasant set of useful functionalities. For one, you can adjust the speed, at which the reels spin. But the bonus features here are pretty amazing, too.

Witchs Brew Bonus Feature

The Wild Brew feature, for example, will send the reels re-spinning for up to 10 times. To trigger it you will have to land three wilds on three reels. Then there’s the Goblin Blood feature that will get you 10, 25 or an astounding 125 freespins. It all depends on how many goblin blood symbols you land, but they need to be at least three.

The End Result

It’s always a pleasure to play a game that’s been thought through, even to the slightest detail. Witchs Brew definitely falls into that category of slot games. Everything from the amazing 3D graphics, to the creepy music is top-notch. The bonus features are also an incredible addition, promising some wicked wins.

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