The Heftier Hugh Hefner Wannabe

Jackpot Winner

There is a new millionaire on the social scene that is undoubtedly a dream come true for any sensational tabloid lover out there. The self-dubbed new ‘Playboy King’ has no intention of slowing down his machismo-fuelled lifestyle of near-naked women, sports cars and lavish parties at his mansions.

He also has no problem to bluster his extravagance on social media blow-by-blow with many vicarious fans begging him to trade in their lives for his. His life is nothing short of pure bliss as he spends his days yachting around in opulent luxury.

His latest antics had created a mix between envy and excitement when Ross Rudy announced his plans to become the new Hugh Hefner, a long-time idol of his.

The bad-boy announced his elaborate plans for the new future and added that the late Hugh Hefner inspired the projects. If he is true to his word, you can expect some really weird and wonderful times ahead.

A string of clubs, various online platforms, a cable network and a film production company are all in the pipeline. Ross is also building a replica of the one, and only Playboy Mansion so is not difficult to see why he is calling himself the playboy of the new millennia.


Playboy Lifestyle Yacht

It seems that he is already swimming in loads of cash so it’s hard to grasp why he would want any more. I suppose the more money, the more opulence. Damn, this guy is lucky.

While I am trying to imagine this beefy, whiskered 38-year-old in silky pyjamas, I realize that it will most likely be swopped for Egyptian cotton which would be designed by the elite of the fashion world. Because let’s admit it, silk was so last season.

Is this kitsch or cool? You decide, but one thing is certain, this man has more money than Davy Crockett. When I asked him about his insanely fat wallet, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but true to his ability to shock, he bombastically answered:

‘’I was lucky, and I mean lucky! I was at a dead-beat party one night when a girl I planned to meet stood me up. The party was lame, and I became tirelessly bored, so I started flipping through my phone, trying to find a better place to hang out.’’

‘’I received this text from my friend Phillip that said – “Hey man check this out! Only $10!”

‘’It was one of those refer-a-friend-bonus offers from some or other online casino. It gave me $10 to play for free, and I suppose Phillip may have received some free money because he can be a stingy muck.’’

Well, it turns out that Ross had a couple more beers at the lame party and found himself in a better mood because when he left at 2 am, he decided to take Phillip up on his offer. After a few spins, the tomcat was already up to $50k and then finally hit the motherload that made him an instant millionaire.

His honesty bowled me over. I thought that I would be fed stories of unrealistic business schemes and strategy’s, which made him so stinking rich. I was also a little bit jealous, ok maybe a lot. This guy just got lucky, that’s it!

Well, one thing is sure. Most blokes will envy him because you need to confess, he is living the dream! While the playboy is shining around in luxury cars with beautiful babes as side arms, it comes to show that being stood up is maybe not such a bad thing at all.

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