Canadian Online Casinos

There are tons of Canadian online casino fans in every province and territory. The most popular type of game for Canadian fans tends to be online slots, but there are tons of table game fans as well, and that means that the country as a whole has a good mix of different types of players from different backgrounds.

Because of this, we know that any given player from this country could have any particular preference, so we’ve covered just about everything there is to know about online casinos here so that you won’t have to look anywhere else.

Recommended Canadian Casinos

The following is our list of trusted Canadian online casinos.


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Player Age 18+ Terms and Conditions Apply.


100% Match Bonus up to €£$1,000 on Players First Deposit.


200% Bonus up to UNLIMITED AMOUNT on Players First Deposit.


200% Match Bonus up to $1,500 on First Deposit


$8,888 Welcome Deposit Bonus Package for New Players


100% Match Bonus up to $100 on Players First Deposit.


200% Welcome Bonus Package Worth up to $20,000


277% Match Bonus up to $2,777 on Players First Deposit.

Legal Online Casinos

Some people have a misconception that online gambling is illegal in Canada, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the federal government’s only laws dealing with online gambling say that the provinces have their own say in how they handle it, and it’s not illegal to play in any of them. With that having been said, some of them choose to run their own games through government-backed web portals, but these are far from the only options for players. What’s more is that the government-backed games tend to have lower payout rates and worse promotions than the competition. That’s why we want to help you to find the best deal for you.

Play in Canadian Dollars

One of the key things that we focus on here is offering up a selection of sites that allow you to play in Canadian dollars. This is important for two key reasons. First, it gives you a more accurate idea of how much you’re playing for, and that’s something that we do to make sure you don’t feel deceived when playing in euros or British pounds. Second, playing in CAD allows you to avoid costly exchange fees when making deposits and withdrawals. Saving money in this way can give you an extra five or ten percent in value overall, especially if you make frequent transactions.

Game Selection

For Canadian online casino players, every type of game is important. However, as is the case on a global level, the most popular casino genre in the country is video slots. These five-reel games include a ton of different themes and concepts along with a variety of features and payout schedules. What’s more is that there are constant new releases and innovative ideas being put into action, so players will always have something fresh to try each and every month.

Payouts, Security and Service

It can seem tough to do all of the research needed to make sure you’re playing with reliable online casinos that have everything you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve done all of the research for you and broken down everything into easy-to-digest components in our reviews. There’s no long, overly detailed, fine print to comb over, and there are no secret “gotcha” terms and conditions that will come up unexpectedly. Instead, we only cover sites that have a proven history of reliable payouts, the software standards to give you a solid level of security, and the support and customer service teams in place to give you great service.

If you’re a Canadian player looking to get started for the first time, or if you’re an online veteran, we have everything that you’re looking for when it comes to getting set up with a great online casino that you can count on.